Thanks to UPM Blandin Paper Co’s Jim Marshall for sharing his musings from the Seeing the Forest AND the Tress Productivity Tour with VFVC Blog readers.

As we flew over Finland’s famous Lake Saimaa on the way north from Helsinki, I knew our group was enjoying the spectacular view of water, autumn colors and the generous mix of forests and small farms below. I reflected on all the things our group had already accomplished in meetings with counterparts from the Finnish forestry sector, at the US Embassy in Helsinki, and in small informal discussions amongst ourselves.

As the bus pulled away from the Joensuu airport, remarkably, we saw commercial thinning going on right out the bus windows. I began to get excited all over again, knowing that soon we would be out into the forest together, learning from local University experts about social and ecological aspects of the Finnish Forest “cluster” as well as hearing from my UPM colleague Matti Ylanne about the company’s methods for improving biodiversity on its forest harvest sites.

Tomorrow we will be stopping to view mechanized cleaning, manual pre-commercial thinning, energy wood harvesting, and commercial thinning—an ambitious program for the morning drive on our way back to Joensuu. It is important for us to see and understand what is possible using intensive forestry methods. Here in Finland, we learned today, the history and culture drive landowners toward intensive silviculture (see Bernadine’s post below). The results are that a lot of timber is grown and harvested, fueling one of the worlds’ most impressive forest based economies. I’m looking forward to hearing what my fellow travelers see and think tomorrow.