Earlier this week I had the pleasure to meet up with Seeing Forest AND the Trees Productivity travellers who gathered to preview a rough cut of the video documentary being produced for the tour by John Whitehead, of Fretless Films.

John’s talents are well displayed in the Bell Museum’s Minnesota, History of the Land series, and we were excited to see what he had made in film of our study project. These members of the tour’s “building a constituency for productive forests” action team had so much feedback for John that he may not emerge from his editing studio again for several weeks. Seriously, he was a very good sport as we inundated him with our reactions and suggestions. More on John’s film later this summer, when it makes its public debute.

Today I can share with you a new resource presented to the “Building a Constituency” team, developed as a result of the study tours — a report written by our friends at Dovetails, Inc. Building a Constituency of Forest Productivity Advocates: What do we know about Minnesotan’s Natural Resource Priorities? uses polling and public survey research to provide insights into what policy changes and actions people are likely to support, and where opportunities for engagement and creation of a “forestry constituency” may exist. Katie Fernholz summarized the report findings in a .ppt to the committee, which you can view here.

The recommendations are practical and visionary. Getting them done will require, as usual, vision and collaboration, and oh yes, that unique quality we heard so much about in Finland…. sisu.