The Wild Garden - A Journey of Loss and RenewalI’ve heard many people speak of gardening as an apt metaphor for forestry.   Now Forest Consultant Peter Bundy is out with a new book, The Wild Garden: A Journey of Loss and Renewal (North Star Press), that explores this connection in a deeply personal way.  Owner of Masconomo Forestry in Crosby, Minnesota, Peter specializes in restoration forestry.  He was the first private consulting forester in Minnesota to hold a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) group certificate for his private woodland owners clientele. 

I vividly remember meeting Peter for the first time several years ago over supper at Maplelog during an annual meeting of the Minnesota chapter of the Society of American Foresters.  Soft spoken and thoughtful, Peter  struck me as uncommonly dedicated to following his heart in life and work.   He has been a constructive critic of the Foundation’s Vital Forests/Vital Communities Initiative, challenging us to be ever mindful of the benefits of natural systems as the best model for good forestry.  One reviewer likened this collection of personal essays to the writing of Wendell Berry, noting that he “writes so beautifully that some paragraphs read like prose poetry.” 

You can join Peter and others at a book party to celebrate his second volume (after Finding the Forest), on at 5:30 July 31 at the Aitkin Beanery   The book party will be the culmination of a field tour being organized that day by the Aitkin County Land Department to feature intermediate treatments. 

Readers of this blog know that increasing the use of intermediate treatments is one of the action items identified by participants in the Foundation’s 2008 Forest Productivity Study Tour Series:  “Seeing the Forest AND the Trees: How to Make the Most of Minnesota’s Woods.”   Under the leadership of Land Commissioner Mark Jacobs, the Aitkin County Land Department has developed a broad and deep portfolio of intermediate treatment practices designed to improve the quality and quantity of county managed forests.  Beginning at 10:00, tour participants will visit Red Pine thinning (both logger select harvest and cumulative volume removal for tree quality) Aspen thinning, mixed conifer partial harvest, Oak shelterwood treatments, and other techniques.  All are welcome.  For more information, contact Mark Jacobs